When I started this blog, my purpose was to create a place where everyone could find peace in the celebration of what is beautiful and joyful about being alive. I am so glad you find yourself here. Chances are, we’re here for the same reason. We all seek some form of healing, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical. It is never an easy journey, but every step we take, we leave something beautiful behind of ourselves for others to follow. At this point in my life, what I have left behind is a trail of self-discovery through my lifelong battle with food. For a long time, I wavered between a passion for food and an obsession, and in March of 2008, after years of struggling with body image issues and hyper-nutrition, I was formally diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa. It has been an uphill climb, but since then, I have learned to balance love for food with love for my body, and can say without hesitation that while I am not fully recovered, I am free. 

Since my official release from Anorexia three years ago, I’ve gradually shifted my diet from meat-eater to full vegan, and I have never once looked back. Becoming vegan takes time, but the result is something both exquisite and fulfilling, and it has given me a great deal of peace. There is something to be said about returning to simplicity, for living a lifestyle that celebrates what is whole and what is organic to our bodies rather than what is not. Life is so incredibly breathtaking in its complexities, its falls, and its triumphs. Why not celebrate by feeding our bodies with food that also feeds our souls?
I am so grateful you have given me the opportunity to show you what I am passionate about. Live each day with intention, find joy in what is small, love your body, challenge your mind, and take your journey "one step at a thyme.”

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